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Users can prepare a 3D image to print directly onto the lens.

Users can prepare a 3D image to print directly onto the lens.

Triaxes Legend is a new high end solution for printing large format 3D posters as well as morph, zoom, motion and flip effects. The Triaxes Legend solution prepares the image to print directly onto the lens which brings to a higher quality result.

Triaxes Legend is launched with four editions to meet different customer needs.

1) Lenticular image (3D, motion, flip, etc.) encoding for direct printing

2) Opportunity to break a large image into pieces for printing

3) Large size and resolution lenticular direct printing

4) Source image transparency support, output encoded image transparency support

5) Mirroring

6) Positioning frame

7) Alignment chart

8) Different resolutions for axes X and Y (if required)

9) Hardware key for software protection

10) 32-bit and 64-bit versions

Triaxes Legend software is pretty easy to learn. It enables to create large 3D images of high quality. The software has a bunch of useful functions that help to deal with large format images without any difficulties.

Triaxes Legend software is intended for amateur and professional photographers, designers, studios. Advertising agencies.

Triaxes Legend


Triaxes Legend 2

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